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Day 4: Start Talking to Yourself

Today’s affirmation: My income is constantly increasing

It sounds woo-woo. I know. It sounds silly and you think you’ll look silly doing it. But if you want to change, if you want to radically change your life, you gotta look silly sometimes, ya know?

That’s why we’re talking about affirmations today.

Affirmations are positive thoughts and phrases. If you’ve been following my journey you’ll notice that I have an affirmation at the beginning of each post. Much like each post, I am getting in the habit of starting my day off with these affirmations.

I have a whole list of them in my planner and the plan (ironically) is to say them every day.

Out loud. While looking myself in the eye in the mirror.

Yep. I’m building the habit of starting every day by talking to myself in a mirror.

You don’t have to look in the mirror or even say them out loud. In fact I often repeat them to myself as I go about my normal day.

But it’s more powerful if you say it out loud in a mirror.


Because it’s you telling you these things.

It’s not your mom or partner or pastor. It’s you.

And if most of us trust anyone, it’s ourselves, right?

So when you say affirmations in the mirror, the most trusted person in your life is telling you these positive things about you and your health and your life and prosperity.

And hearing it said in your own voice starts to reprogram your brain. (There’s science about this.)

So if you say these things over and over again you’ll start to believe them.

And if you believe them then you’ll act like they’re true.

And if you’re going through your days like these things are true then they’ll actually BE TRUE.

Sounds crazy, but so does believing you can change your life.

I like crazy.

Empowering Words: Every thought we think is creating our future. – Louise Hay

This is day four of my 2018 series “The Year I Learn to Love Myself.” You can get the lowdown on the series here on my day one post.

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