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You Matter

As mothers, we fight battles and put out fires (metaphorically speaking, I hope) every day. We tend to wounds. We teach and guide. We read and color and drink imaginary tea. We discipline and forgive. And we sacrifice. Even I, who was so unprepared for parenthood, knew that this adventure would require sacrifice. We sacrifice […] Read more…

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My Daughter Tattled on Me

Monday night was not the finest hour for anyone in the Hammer household. The kids went to bed at their normal time just fine. I was finishing up my nacho dinner and an episode of Friends around 9:30 when my 21-month-old son woke up very sad and crying. I went into comfort him and his […] Read more…

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The Overwhelming

Confession: I try really hard to keep this blog professional, without swearing, without a lot of angry rants, and to make it appear that I’m a “real” writer whatever that means. I like to post on a schedule, scatter my blog topics so you all don’t get three list posts in a row, etc. I’m […] Read more…

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I Blinked

My son will be two in May. He is already smart and funny. If you say, “Levi, look at Mommy’s eyes” he’ll swivel his head to look at you and say, “Hmm?” His favorite foods are cheese and whatever he can steal from his sister. He cuddles when he’s sleepy and pouts when I lay […] Read more…

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