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You’re not concerned with the glass ceiling. You know that the key to success and happiness and living the life you dream of is working on yourself and for yourself.

You know that creating your own online business means that the glass ceiling just doesn’t exist.

It’s just you, doing what you love, helping those you want to help, and living a life by design and with purpose.

You know that creating an online business and making your dreams come true is way better than working for someone else, exchanging time for money, and making their dream come true.

You are fierce and passionate, dedicated and resilient.

Your hair’s in a messy bun, your coffee’s hot.

You’re ready to work.


I’ve been creating a living online for over five years.

When my kids emerged from my womb, I knew I didn’t want to go back to the office, working just to pay for someone else to raise my kids.

I knew what I was good at — writing — and I figured out how to make money from it.

I became a staff writer for some of the biggest parenting sites on the web.

I got a literary agent and wrote a book.

I’ve sold physical products and digital products and I’ve gone viral multiple times on social media with my memes and microblogs.

I know how to do what I love and sell it to my ideal clients.

I know how to make money online.

And I know that female millennial online entrepreneurs are not the future, they are the present.

I know that millennial women are ready to create their own online business.

I know you’re ready to design your day and your life your way.

I know that you don’t have to work from a cubicle to make a living.

I know that working for yourself is living.

I know that you want to start a business online and you’re super excited and ready to just go for it.

But I also know you need a firm foundation to make it happen.

The Program

This coaching program is designed to help you, the female online entrepreneur, lay the foundation of your online business. Over five weeks we’ll take all of your ideas and goals and plans and dreams and turn them into your foundation so when it’s time to launch, you hit the ground running.

The course goes like this:

Week 1: Why

Simon Sinek says, “People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.”

This first 45-minute call will allow you to word vomit all over me so we can figure out what you believe and why you believe it, why you want to do what you want to do. (Hint: It’s not to make money. If you just wanted to make money, you could become a drug dealer. They make a lot of money.)

But you’re in it for some other reason.

You want to be a virtual assistant because you believe that your fellow boss babes shouldn’t have to do everything.

Or you want to open an online boutique because you believe that big names and box stores don’t have the real fashion millennial women are looking for.

Or you want to be a coach because you grew up with parents, mentors, and teachers, and believe that type of mentorship shouldn’t stop once you graduate high school.

We’ll uncover your deeply rooted, fiery passionate why so that when you wake up every morning you’ll know exactly why you opened your eyes.

Week 2: What Problem Are You Solving?

This is your calling. You create a business to solve a problem and it’s time to figure out what specifically that problem is.

You’re not just doing accounting for small businesses; you’re creating time for those small businesses owners to spend with their family.

You’re not just selling funny t-shirts for kids. You’re giving parents superior options for their child to express themselves with clean, kid-friendly humor.

During this 45-minute call, we’ll dive deep into the big picture problem that you’re solving. We’ll define what the problem is, why it’s a problem, and how you are going to solve it with your product or services.

Week 3: Who has the Problem?

We’re going to get specific. Super specific.

You don’t want to waste time marketing¬† to men if you solely want to work with women.

You don’t want to join Facebook groups for women of all ages if your target market is only those between the ages of 19 and 25.

We are going to figure out who your ideal client is: what they wear, what they do for work, if they’re single or married, have kids or pets, what they do for fun, what makes them happy, what makes them anxious, and what their biggest problem is. (Hint: It’s the exact problem we talked about in our previous call.)

You will have such a clear picture of who your ideal client is that you’ll be able to confidently approach them on the street as they walk by.

Week 4: How Will You Solve the Problem

Ideas are good, goals are great, but how are you doing to make it happen? We know what the problem is and who is afflicted with it, but what are you going to do to make the problem go away?

Will you design a product? How will you sell it?

Will you offer services? Which services and through what medium will you market them?

In this 45-minute call we’ll revisit the problem and who has it, and outline a strategy for how you are going to solve it. Because you will solve it.

Week 5: Putting it Together

During our last 45-minute call we’re going to affirm your foundation and put it all together.

We’ll go over why you’re doing what you’re doing, what problem you’re solving,¬†who has that problem, and how you’re going to solve it.

We’ll spend the call setting goals, casting a vision, and dreaming of the life you want to live once your online business takes off.

You’ll leave this call confident and ready to get into the nitty gritty details of setting up your online business.

This is the call that will get you so excited about the future you won’t be able to sleep for days because you’ll leave it knowing exactly who you are, what you’re about, and where you’re going.

Hint: You’re going big.

I know you’re ready and now you have TWO options:

Group Program

A 4-week program with you and some fellow mom bosses which will give you allll the info you need but isn’t as sspecific to you and your business.¬† The deadline to sign up for this program is January 20!

1:1 Program

For the boss babe that is ready to truly invest in her and her business and make 2019 the year she stops wishing and starts working! Every minute of every call will be all about YOU and YOUR BIZ.

If you want to make sure this program is for you, schedule a free clarity “coffee chat” below.