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10 Victories in the Everyday Life of a Mom

photo credit: Green beans via photopin (license)
photo credit: Green beans via photopin (license)

Every day is a battle with toddlers. You fight to get them to eat, to sleep, to pee on the potty, to stop playing with their pee in the potty, etc. Lately I’ve been feeling like I’m a pansy and my kids are winning this war.

Well, no more!

I’ve decided to turn the tables on my little ones and find the victories in those moments where I feel like I’m ready to wave the white flag. I’m the Mom. I’m in charge. Even when I don’t feel like it. Here are 10 examples of turning the battles on their head and winning this fight.

Situation: Your kid is running around the house naked and suddenly you hear, “Uh oh! Me pooping! *thud* “All done!”
Victory: It could’ve been, “Uh oh! Me pooping!” *splat squish splash giggle giggle* The poop was solid which means you win!

Situation: Your two-year-old chose to eat half of the homemade, non-toxic Play-Doh instead of, ya know, playing with it.
Victory: You actually did something you pinned to your “Kids Activities” board on Pinterest!

Situation: Your toddler told the grocery store clerk that you’re wearing your pajamas… and it’s 2 in the afternoon.
Victory: At least your toddler didn’t tell him about your bout of gastrointestinal problems from last week!

Situation: Your dining room is littered with green beans because your kids opted to hurl them about instead of eating them.
Victory: They made tactile contact with a green vegetable!

Situation: You accidentally washed your hair with body wash instead of shampoo today.
Victory: You got to take a shower!

Situation: In a ruthless game of toddler tag, your offspring ran into each other, giving themselves matching bumps on their foreheads.
Victory: Your tykes are old enough to play with each other and don’t need you all the time!

Situation: Your two-year-old has been singing the theme song from The Lego Movie nonstop all morning.
Victory: They’re not singing or saying anything inappropriate!

Situation: While you were making their breakfast, your kiddos got into your deodorant and made quite the mess.
Victory: They reminded you to wear deodorant!

Situation: While playing with your children you got a hole in your yoga pants.
Victory: You get to buy new yoga pants!

Situation: Your three-year-old insists on sleeping in your bed at night.
Victory: They like you! They really like you! You’re not doing such a bad job after all!

Keep an eye out for your own little victories, dear parents. They’re within reach if you can just find them. You are winning the war, you’re raising good kids, and you’re a great mom or dad, Now go start picking up those green beans.

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