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A New Addition to the Mom Uniform (Sponsored Post)

appleleticspostAs many of you know, I’m a big fan of yoga pants. I love them. They’re my favorite article of clothing aside from my leggings. These wardrobe necessities make up the majority of my mom uniform on any day that ends in Y. Given my love of yoga pants, the kind folks at Appleletics asked me to check out their yoga leggings.

Yoga pants + Leggings = The best of both worlds.

Here’s why:

1. They are way more comfortable than jeans or pants or any item of “real” clothing: As a mom, we all want to feel comfortable as we chase our kiddos around the park and shuttle them to and from school. I haven’t worn heels since my pre-pregnancy days because lately, if I’m going to get dressed, I don’t want anything bunching or squeezing in all the wrong places. These yoga leggings make me look and feel good.

2. The all-powerful waistband: Feeling a little bloated? Is your postpartum pooch getting you down? Wanna eat a few too many nachos after the kids go to sleep while you binge watch Friends? The waistband on these stretch for those “I shouldn’t have had that last cookie or ten” moments as well as sucks in my post-baby belly to make it appear I didn’t eat the last of the Halloween candy while hiding under the bed.

3. You look athletic: Throw on a cute oversize sweatshirt, pull on those running shoes you’ve never actually used for running, and all of a sudden you look like you’re one of those hip, healthy people who chug wheatgrass shots until they turn green.

4. You can actually work out in them: I can’t speak for this one since I haven’t done a real work out in years, but I’m assuming that since Appleletics deals in awesome activewear, these would be great for getting your Downward Dog on. I would recommend the gray pair for this as this black pair are just a touch see through. But that’s okay! Because…

5. They can double as pajamas: Some nights my kids’ noxious substances have defiled the penguin-decorated adult-sized onesie my Mom sent me for Christmas which I normally wear to bed and I need to find something equally cozy to wear in the evenings as I clean up Legos and tiny dollhouse furniture. These yoga leggings are super pleasant to sleep in.

6. They offer an additional layer during these cold weather months: Appleletics probably didn’t have this in mind when they made these, but this is one of the more supreme benefits of their yoga leggings. Winter, as it’s prone to do, has made the weather downright frigid lately. It’s too cold to wear just my normal yoga pants to the store, but I can’t bring myself to wear sweats out in public. Conundrum. Thus, my new favorite thing to do is pull my jeans on over my yoga leggings. On the outside it looks like I took the time to get dressed, but on the inside I’m warm and comfy and no one’s the wiser.

7. You’re basically wearing a superhero uniform. I love yoga pants. I love leggings. Appleletics has combined the two making them the most awesome combination of clothing since shoulder pads and Hammer pants. I feel strong, invincible, and as though I could leap over small block towers in a single bound.

8. My butt looks pretty darn good. And this is what it’s all about anyway, right?

If you’re interested in getting a pair for yourself, head on over to Appleletics and do some shopping. You deserve it and your butt does, too.

This is a review post from Applelletics. Though they gifted me a couple pairs of their product, all opinions are sincere and genuine.

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