I Will Not Miss This

I Will Not Miss This by Toni HammerParents are always told to enjoy every moment, these times go by so fast, and we’ll miss them when they’re gone. And while that’s true about some things, below are just a few things I will not miss at all.

A naked toddler saying, “Uh oh! Me have go potty!” followed by *THUD* “All done!”

Waking up with one kid stitched to my side and the other asleep on my head.

Spending the entirety of “nap time” trying to get my kids to stay in bed.

Everything I make for dinner being called “yucky.”


Cleaning up the flood zone which occurs in my bathroom nightly because my kids chose to have a splashing contest.

My 2 year old passionately telling me something that I can’t understand for the life of me.

Stepping in, or sitting on, wet spots which I can only pray are water.

My fort-building skills being endlessly criticized.


My lotion being smeared onto every surface lower than three feet.

Every light in the house being turned on.

Every light in the house being turned off.

My children begging to be fed while I am actively making them something to eat.

I could go on and on but I have to get my son out of the bathroom sink. Again.

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