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Lost and Found

photo credit: Shardayyy via photopin cc
photo credit: Shardayyy

Over the weekend I made a number of discoveries. I felt a bit like Sherlock Holmes mixed with Roseanne. I found three different items in three (mostly) unlikely places. When I first began the hunt, I was looking in places that made sense. For example, were I looking for frozen waffles, I would look in the freezer. Logical, right?

Then I remembered I had toddlers who are simply and sweetly illogical.

You gotta think outside of the box when you have kids because nothing you’re looking for is where you would put it. It’s where your kid put it. So you gotta color outside the lines and see what happens.

First discovery was pretty mild. I found not one, but two, sippy cups in the fridge of Lillian’s toy kitchen. Okay, that one does mostly make sense. I’m actually a bit proud of her for putting her cup in there because it means she’s understanding how things work around here. I only wish I had found it before the milk had curdled to such a degree that I considered keeping it, giving it a name, and calling it our family pet.

The second thing I found over the weekend was nail cutters. In the fridge. I can’t even begin to try and understand the thinking behind that one. “Hey, look, the celery’s been in here so long it’s starting to grow hair. Maybe I should leave these here so Mom and Dad can cut it like they cut Levi’s.”

Finally, Levi’s sandals. I had been looking for them for a number of days. They weren’t in their shoe box–duh–nor were they anywhere in their room. Or in the living room. Or either toy box. Or in the fridge because after the nail clipper incident I was leaving no stone unturned.

Where did I finally find them?

In the diaper pail.

We cloth diaper so in the kids’ bathroom is a pail that we toss the soiled diapers into until it’s time to wash them. The pail has a liner so all you gotta do is grab the diaper trash bag kinda thing, drag it out to the washer, dump, and wash. Which I did without noticing anything strange.

Then I went to move the diapers into the dryer and lo and behold what do I find? Levi’s sandals.

I guess… maybe… they thought it was their shoe box? I don’t know. I don’t even know how they got into the bathroom while I was tossing dirty diapers into the pail. I don’t know how I overlooked someone throwing a flippin’ shoe in there.

It’s a mystery. Like all things kid related.

So now we have a couple more sippy cups, chilly nail cutters, and clean shoes. These kids sure do keep me on my toes; a trifecta of kid quirkiness.

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