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Questionable Parenting Decisions

As a mom, I have a mommy instinct. We all do. It’s what tells us when our baby is hungry, tired, in pain, or just being a jerk. It’s a gift. It’s a curse. It’s done me some good and it’s hosed me a few times. It’s part of motherhood.

My mommy instinct has oftentimes caused me to turn left when everyone else said to turn right. I’ve made some questionable parenting decisions and for the most part they work out. Kind of. I mean, my kids are still alive and happy and healthy so I must be doing something right.

My kids started sleeping in the same room in a spur of the moment decision brought on by my mommy instinct. Neither had been sleeping well for a week. It was 5:30 p.m. and they were both already so exhausted. I couldn’t take the whining anymore and I was desperate to get a good night’s sleep. So without any grandeur, I put them in the same room one night about a year ago and, wouldn’t ya know it, they both slept the whole night through. No wake ups. No cries. My mommy gut told me that if they did wake up, they would notice the other one was with them and thus they wouldn’t feel the need for me. Winning.

My mommy instinct is what convinced me to switch Levi to a toddler bed when he was only about 18 months. Lils was in her crib much longer than that so it seemed crazy to move the kid when he couldn’t even climb out of his crib jail yet. But one night Lils was at Grandma’s and it was time to put Levi to bed. He climbed right into Lily’s toddler bed and slept through the night like he had been doing it forever. No big thing. We converted his crib to a toddler bed the next day and have had minimal problems. I mean, both he and Lils get out of bed when they should be in bed, but at least now I can watch them on the baby monitor and see who instigated the breakout.

One kinda cool thing about them both being in toddler beds is I get to witness moments like this where Lily climbed into Levi’s bed and they both fell asleep. My heart grew three sizes when I snuck in and saw this. My mommy instinct made this happen.


Also this week i started cracking open both their bedroom door and mine at night when I go to sleep. What was happening was Lillian would wake up and just cry at her door, waiting for me to come get her, and then she would wake up Levi, and then I’d have two sad, tired toddlers instead of just one. My thinking was that if I kept the doors open, Lils could just come into my room and alert me to whatever faux disaster she was having.

I trusted my mommy gut and went for it… and this one may have backfired.

The other morning I woke up with one pillow on the floor, the other one mostly on my nightstand. My head was on one corner of it and I was clinging to about three inches of the mattress. I glanced behind me and there was not one, but both of my kids snoozing next to me.

I have no recollection of that happening.

I vaguely remember Lillian coming in and saying she had a bad dream, but Levi? I got nothing. I don’t remember if he climbed into bed or if I put him there. I don’t recall him making any noise.

This has happened pretty much every night this week. I think we’re all sleeping better, though. Maybe. Well, they are. I’m not, but I haven’t slept well in years so I’m used to it. Plus it’s kind of cute waking up to them next to me. I know I should put an end to this behavior and I will. Someday. When I’m not so tired and can actually remember my kids waking up and coming into my room and sleeping next to me..

I wish my mommy instinct had told me to buy a king-sized bed instead of a queen. It definitely failed me on that front.

6 thoughts on “Questionable Parenting Decisions

  1. jamiemsiebens

    Ha ha! You are my internet twin, I think. 🙂 But thanks to my husband, we have the king size bed. 4 years of parenting, and I’m still waiting for my youngest (3) to sleep through the night.

  2. jessica

    Lexi is 8 and she’s recently been asking when hunting season will start because she knows that means my boyfriend will be camping in the woods and she gets to sleep with Mommy. Itll stop when she’s in college right?

  3. Nanzi

    My girls now 30+ always crept into my bed and now my three grandchildren, who live with me do too. I recently upgraded to that king sized bed. Bliss! I now get some room!

  4. Karissa

    I LOVE waking up to my little’s (one is a Levi too) in my bed. My rule is they have to start out in their bed. Savor it, (in my opinion) it will end all too soon.

  5. Life With Teens and Other Wild Things


    My Babygirl(18) will still climb in with me when she’s feeling particularly stressed or not-so-great. It’s a bit crowded with two adults and an australian shepherd who normally takes up 3/4 by himself, but we manage, and I will never regret knowing that she’s still comforted by proximity to her mama. <3

  6. Sara

    Thoughts after looking at the test with #2:
    How should I tell my husband?
    We need a king sized bed.

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