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9 Items I Should Be Able to Write Off on My Taxes

photo credit: Numbers And Finance via photopin (license)
photo credit: Numbers And Finance via photopin (license)

It’s tax day here in the States. People all over this country are hurriedly gathering receipts from their couch cushions and car floorboards in hopes of getting just one more deduction.

Businesses can write off all sorts of things on their taxes and I think it’s time us parents are able to do the same. Here are a few things I think Moms and Dads should get to deduct on their taxes.

Coffee. If someone can deduct mileage driving from Point A to Point B then parents should get to write off coffee which gets us from breakfast to bedtime.

Fruit snacks and other treats. Since these aren’t mandatory for nourishing our children, these would fall under “charitable donations” on our tax forms.

Clothes. Our children are required to wear these in public despite their protests. Since they are necessary, they should be deductible.

Cold medicine & vitamins. My kids have been sick roughly 491 days this year so far and I have purchased enough remedies that guests should be required to show a prescription card before entering my home. These are health expenses and shouldn’t count on my taxes.

Markers, crayons, paint, glue, etc. These are kinda sorta necessities to get through the day with toddlers and should therefore be a business expense since they allow me to do my job.

Cleaning supplies. To aid in removing markers, crayons, and paint from the walls and carpet and sheets and pillows and….

Diapers. Without these, my kids can’t do their “business” thus they are a mandatory expense.

Toys. Alright, I won’t deduct those that are just for making noise, but things like puzzles, word games, learning tools? These are devices used to make my children productive, positive members of society. Anything good enough for society should be good enough to deduct.

Booze. If one can write off things like theft loss, I should be able to write off something that helps ease the sting of losing my sanity every single day.

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