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Playing Peek-A-Poo

photo credit: isthiswhereiputthenameiwant via photopin cc
photo credit: isthiswhereiputthenameiwant

Though some won’t admit to it, we’ve all done the Butt Sniff test to find out if our kid has pooped. You pick the kid up, put their rear to your nose, and take a big whiff. It’s effective and nauseating all at the time. It’s a two for one deal–not unlike what’s in your kid’s diaper.

There’s another way to check if you’re not down with the smelling thing. I call it Peek-A-Poo.

You pull back the waistband on the diaper and peer inside to see if there’s a not so mysterious present waiting for you. This trick is almost as effective and it gives you a nice visual to help you deduce how many wipes you’ll need for the deuce.

You’ve gotta be careful with this test, though, as Luke had the unfortunate experience of learning the other day.

He had just sat down on the couch to eat his lunch when Levi climbed into his lap. Eating is a group effort in this house and, while it used to irk me, now it’s just another moment during the day where I can teach my kids manners. “Levi say, ‘Bite, please.'”

Luke took a couple bites of his food and then took a big whiff. “Levi, did you poop?” If you’re smelling it over the scent of fried eggs, it’s a pretty silly question to ask. You know what happened in Diaper Dome. Still, to make sure, Luke set his plate down and went to play Peek-A-Poo to see what was awaiting him.

And then…

“Oh gross! I did not mean to do that!”

When pulling on the back of Levi’s diaper, Luke was being careless and accidentally let his finger slip inside–covering it in brownish green goodness.

He jumped off the couch and speed walked into the kitchen to wash his hands, all the time holding his single soiled finger in the air like one of those foam fingers you find at sport games.

He was not at all amused when I began chanting, “We’re number one! We’re number one!”

Consider this a Poop PSA: The Butt Sniff test is just as effective as playing Peek-A-Poo and far less dangerous. The more you know…

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4 thoughts on “Playing Peek-A-Poo

  1. cherishingthemoment

    I check both ways. 🙂 It’s hard to believe that I’ll be done changing diapers in a few months. Kind is sad, really. Never thought I’d say that!

  2. Dakota

    LOL. I sniff, my husband peek-a-poos. Guess which one of us tends NOT to get poo on their fingers? The sniff test is much, MUCH safer in my opinion, and also lets you detect it when it’s too far down to see (by the same token, a sniff test can produce a false-positive when gas has been passed) – but it totally grosses him out. Each to their own I guess! Too funny, thanks for the laugh this morning!

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