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What Happens When You Tell Someone Your Kids are Awesome

photo credit: Peter E. Lee via photopin cc
photo credit: Peter E. Lee via photopin cc

Lillian’s gotten into this habit of staying in bed at night only until Levi falls asleep, then sneaking out of her bed and knocking on her bedroom door so I’ll come get her and let her play for awhile before going to sleep in my bed.

It’s a habit I’ve allowed to happen too long and so the other night I decided to put an end to it.

That kinda thing always sounds like an awesome idea until I, ya know, do it.

I had plans to catch up with my BFF on the phone after the kids went to bed so it seemed like the best time to put my new plan into action. I would stand my ground because I didn’t want her interrupting me while l was on the phone. Sounds great, right? Right.

The kids were in bed, my friend was on the other line, everything was perfect.

Until Lillian got out of bed.

I told her she had to go back to bed, she cried, I stayed strong, my friend probably covered the earpiece on her phone so she didn’t have to hear Lillian’s screams of protest, etc.

Back on the phone. Few more minutes of catching up, hearing about her vacation, etc.

Again, the knock on her bedroom door.

Again, the fight to get her back into bed.

This happened two more times and it was the last time that was just the worst.

She had me fooled and convinced that she was asleep and the night time shenanigans had come to a close. Once I know my kids are asleep, it brings out all the lovey dovey feelings in my heart because I know they can’t destroy said feelings with a tantrum or what not. I was in the middle of telling my friend how awesome and cute my kids were when, again, the knock.

I opened her bedroom door and found her standing there, with her footie pajamas unzipped halfway, her diaper in her hand, and she was wet.

My Sherlock Holmes spidey-sense kicked in and deduced that she had unzipped her pajamas, taken off her diaper, then went pee all over herself and her pajamas.

Just great.

I asked if I could call my friend back so I could deal with the situation.

As I was changing Lillian, she told me that Levi had pooped. “Did he tell you he pooped?” I asked.

“Uh huh. Brother poop.”

Okay, I know that there is no way that Levi had told her he had pooped. He can talk, yes, but that’s a bit advanced for him. Nevertheless, I had to check him because what if he had pooped?

So I get her changed, check him (and of course he hadn’t actually pooped), and get them both back in bed with some milk and…

They went to bed without any fuss or freak outs. Finally.

I took a deep, cleansing breath and called my friend back. “What was I talking about? Oh right, how cute and awesome my kids are…”

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2 thoughts on “What Happens When You Tell Someone Your Kids are Awesome

  1. chaanah2014

    One night when my daughter was about your Lillian’s age we had a marathon night of wakefulness. Eventually when my patience ran out and I liked her a little less than being able to keep my cool I yelled at her and told her that 2:00 in the morning was not the time for little girls to be awake! Her answer? “But it’s just dat I’m bored”. I was, of course, speechless.

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