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Surviving the Holidays According to Scary Mommy Authors (Part 2)

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As many of you know by now, I am one of the authors in Scary Mommy’s Guide to Surviving the Holidays which you can pre-order now. I thought it’d be fun to introduce you to some of the other amazing women who are a part of the book as well. Read on, make friends, and take their advice!

Last week I introduced you to Harmony of Modern Mommy Madness, Alisa of Ice Scream Mama, and Kathryn AKA Foxy Wine Pocket. Today you’ll be meeting Sarah of Housewife Plus, Ali AKA Punkwife, and Abby of Abby the Writer. Read on, make new friends, and take their advice!

Let’s get to know you. What’s your favorite post of yours on Scary Mommy?

Sarah: Ha! A while ago I wrote a SUPER snarky piece about how difficult it is to clean my house with two small and mobile children in tow. I called it How To Clean Your House In 10 Easy Steps. I remember laughing while I was writing and then being nervous when Jill posted it live. I thought, “Oh, my gosh! What if people think I’m such an ass for not being able to clean my house?!” But then the comments started pouring in and it turned out I was NOT alone in this unbelievable feat of mom engineering. It was a fun piece.

Abby: My first is my favorite: 5 Things Your Middle Schooler is Doing Right Now

Ali: I wrote a post called The Lactation Hotline Gone Wrong. Let’s just say it involves an unfortunate experience on my part, and an attempt at explaining to men what breastfeeding feels like – complete  with an analogy of “flaming balls”. I loved the comments, and was especially glad to see that some men found it funny, too.

What’s your favorite holiday and why?

Sarah: You know, until I had kids I really didn’t care much for the holidays because they all meant a day off for me. But now that I have kids I get to experience the holiday’s from an entirely more fun and imaginative perspective. I think my favorite is a toss up between Halloween (because we hand make the costumes) and Christmas because we have invented so many tales and traditions around the virtue of giving. My kids really get excited and that feeling is so contagious!

Abby: Halloween. No one knows I’m self-medicating with sugar because EVERYONE’S DOING IT.

Ali: Ooooh, this one is tough because I am SO the sucker for Halloween, but I’d have to give the “favorite” status to Christmas. So much family, food, friends, festivities…the holidays bring about so many “F” words, don’t they?!

But really, for me there is something so warm about all the craziness that unfolds. I’m also a huge fan of gift-wrapping, so once it’s time to wrap presents I turn into a wannabe Martha Stewart. Sure, an inebriated, covered-in-hot-glue, wine-slugging version of her who’s up way too late sporting really bad hair, but still. I take pride in my wrapping skills.

What’s the best present you ever received?

Sarah: Wow, that’s a tough question! When I was a kid my mom struggled to scrape together enough money to buy me a beautiful violin so that I could play in the school orchestra. I still have it and sometimes my 4YO son plays it, which makes my heart swoon. When I was pregnant with my second child, my husband built me a lovely Shaker style bench so that I could have a place to sit and put my boots on because I was too big and round to bend over. That was touching.

Abby: Not sure what the best present was, but I can’t tell you it WASN’T the elephant garden sculpture made out of dung or the doormat that read “Hi, I’m Mat.”

Ali: For our five year anniversary my husband got me two wooden bangle bracelets, each engraved with GPS coordinates: one with the location of the place we had our first date, and the other with the location of the hospital where our daughter was born. It was such a beautiful and meaningful gift that it made me cry. (And the GPS coordinates were a nice nod to the fact that we had just ended our “Breaking Bad” marathon.)

What’s the best advice to someone with young kids (like me) as to how to survive the holidays?

Sarah: Hmm…well, I can tell you what I tell myself every year around the crazy holiday rush. I always say, “They’re just kids. They just want love. Don’t go nuts.” And that usually helps! It reminds me to focus on the parts of the holiday’s that matter most (for us) and that is mess making, playing, drinking far too much hot chocolate, and reading the same spooky or jolly books overandoverandover again!

Abby: 1. Don’t let extended family bully you into making plans that won’t be best for your kids. 2. Use alcohol liberally. Consume it, cook with it, inject it into the turkey. 3. Remember, one day, you’ll miss this.

Ali: Well, shit, you got me here. I have no clue because I’m right there along with you, and I only have one at the moment! I’m hoping someone has a nugget of wisdom for you that can help me, too, so I’ll just stalk your blog and pray you get a better answer from someone else for both of our sake. But if I had to pretend to have any business giving advice? I’d say embrace the crazy. Because as crazy as it gets, the ride is easier – and usually more fun – when you take a ride along with the current rather than fight against it.

If you liked what these awesome ladies had to say, be sure to check out Sarah, Ali, and Abby on their blogs and don’t forget to find more survival tips in Scary Mommy’s Guide to Surviving the Holidays! A portion of the proceeds go towards the Scary Mommy Thanksgiving Project which puts Thanksgiving dinner on the tables of families who really need it.

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