Note: Please contact me before purchasing services so we can discuss my current schedule and availability.

Services & Pricing

Proofreading: Having another pair of eyes look over your work can save you from embarrassing typos, missing punctuation, or the dreaded “there, their, they’re” confusion. I will read over the piece and correct any mistakes which may distract the reader from what you are trying to say.

- $25 for 500-1000 words

- $35 for 1001-1500 words

- $45 for 1501-2000 words


Copy editing: This is a more in-depth look at your piece. Aside from proofreading, I will also scrutinize the flow of your piece and make larger changes to the text so it flows well from beginning to end. I may add or remove text, reword sentences, or restructure paragraphs in order to ensure that what you really want to say is what’s being said. I will also include a paragraph explaining why I made the changes I did so you can learn and grow as a writer. This is a great option if your piece is an anthology submission.

- $35 for 500-1000 words

- $45 for 1001-1500 words

- $55 for 1501-2000 words


Site-Specific Critique: If you have a piece you’d love to see on a specific site, I offer an in-depth analysis of your work. After reading over the piece, I will suggest changes you could make to your topic (is it too broad? too succinct?), voice (can you add some humor? offer more insight from personal experiences?) and overall content. If you’ve been trying to break into Scary Mommy, for example, I can offer suggestions for tailoring your piece for that specific audience.

- $5 as an add-on to another service

- $15 for this service alone


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