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I Blinked

photo credit: London Tube via photopin (license)
photo credit: London Tube via photopin (license)

My son will be two in May. He is already smart and funny. If you say, “Levi, look at Mommy’s eyes” he’ll swivel his head to look at you and say, “Hmm?” His favorite foods are cheese and whatever he can steal from his sister. He cuddles when he’s sleepy and pouts when I lay him in his bed at night.

He is growing up so fast and it wasn’t until a week ago that I realized just how fast he is growing up.

You see, two weeks ago, I was struggling with him. I didn’t know what he liked or didn’t like. He wanted to do puzzles like his sister but he couldn’t figure them out. He liked to hide under a blanket but didn’t understand the storyline Lillian would make up as to why we were hiding. He liked to make feeble attempts at ripping books apart instead of trying to read them.

And then I blinked.

Just a week ago, he was not only able to do peg puzzles, but wanted to do them voraciously. Upon waking, he would cuddle with me for a minute and in his toddler gibberish I’ll decode for you he would say, “Mom? Puzzle?” and point to the stack in their room. Overnight it seems, something had clicked, and I learned what he loves.

And then I blinked.

Several times a day he goes to his and Lillian’s bookshelf and pulls out all the books. He flips through them and points out the animals he knows. “Mom, duck. Quack quack! Mom, dog. Bark bark!” He will scour through every book in search of trains and gleefully exclaim, “Mom! Choo choo!” Suddenly he has a love for books and trains that I didn’t know existed.

And then I blinked.

The other day he pulled a blanket out of the closet. He put his Mickey Mouse doll on the couch, covered it with the blanket and said, “Mom. Ssshhh” alerting me to the fact that Mickey was asleep and we needed to be quiet. His imagination has suddenly bubbled to the surface and now he enjoys making dolls dance, play figures swing, and bringing me pretend cups of coffee.

I blinked and within a week, my son, who seemingly had no likes or interests, now loves puzzles, books, trains, and making up little games for his toys.

He is growing up so fast and I am so excited to watch and cultivate the man he is to become, but this week there has been an ache in my chest because I blinked. And within that split second, he has grown up. He is a full-fledged toddler boy and no longer the baby boy I would bathe in the sink.

I blinked, and I’ll continue to blink, and before I know it he will be an adult and I will remember fondly this week where I learned of his love of puzzles and books and watched his imagination bloom before my eyes.

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4 thoughts on “I Blinked

  1. jcw0623

    Toni, great piece. It’s so astonishing that, while you feel you are present and participating, some things in your child’s development can still catch you by surprise. Beautiful said!

  2. Disal

    I feel like you described my son who is almost 2. It’s crazy how things change so quickly!

  3. Verity

    Toni, thank you for a beautiful blog. Made me very emotional. My daughter will be 6 this year – after blinking many times I understand you completely.

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