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On What Makes a Home

My twin sister and me. Photo by Kirk Stenvall.
My twin sister and me. Photo by Kirk Stenvall.

Recently I went on vacation to visit my parents and twin sister. By myself. I hadn’t seen my folks in about 2.5 years so the visit was long overdue.

It. Was. Awesome.

Know what I did? I sat a lot. I ate a lot. I wore my yoga pants and slippers a lot. I got sunburned at my niece’s softball game. That was really the most active thing I did the whole time I was there; sat on the grass and watched 8-year-olds play softball.

It was rough.

I’m being sarcastic. It was amazing and relaxing and I felt so loved and taken care of and it made me reflect on what home means to me.

Home is chicken burritos from the best Mexican food place ever in life that just happens to be down the street from my parent’s house.

Home is singing off-key to loud music while driving around town with my sister.

Home is watching a Jeopardy marathon because my Dad recorded two weeks worth of the show because it’s a family thing… and a full-contact sport.

Home is playing pool and drinking beer with my Dad and sister.

Home is my sister jokingly throwing her slippers at me… and me throwing them outside.

Home is talking writing with my Mom while drinking coffee.

Home is lying on their couch which I helped pick out many moons ago.

Home is hiding my sister’s beverage whenever she left the room.

Home is the salty beach air shrinking my jeans… or maybe it was eating too much food.

There is something special about home. There is magic and joy and love when you’re in your home. It is more than a house. It’s experiences and pretty things. The experiences will come with time, but the pretty things I can do now. While I was at my parent’s house, I started wondering how I can best cultivate feelings of comfort in my own house. I want my kids to have fond memories of home and the decorative pieces, art, colors, etc. that make it a home.

I’ve now alerted Luke to the fact that I want a monthly stipend, if you will, to spend on things for the house. Organizational things, decorative things, wall art, etc. I want to make my home pretty. I want it to be a happy place. I want it to have spunk and personality. I want my kids to come over in 30 years once they have their own families and feel nostalgic and joy when they see items they’ve grown up with still decorating my house.

I want to make my house a home. It’s possible I’m nesting two years after the fact. But I’m tired of living in a crappy apartment and having it just look like a crappy apartment. I want more for my little home.

Any ideas? What makes your house a home?

6 thoughts on “On What Makes a Home

  1. jessica

    You are what makes this house home, even if it was only for ten minutes while I gathered clothes for your neice and myself. Ixnay on the 2 1/2 years between visits.

  2. Amy Campbell

    I like this a lot. I don’t have kids, but follow your blog because Luke was the neighbor boy down the street so I “liked” your Facebook page when he shared it, but now I get to be a mom vicariously through you. I think you should advertise yourself to childless 30 somethings. It is a demographic who would enjoy this more than you know. I even find myself reading your stories out loud to my husband. We both love to laugh. My advice is to shop for your treasures at the Goodwill and don’t be in any hurry to find them. Make looking for the beautiful and fun artifacts something your family does together. Cheers!

  3. Holli

    I think the people you are with are what makes any house a home. 🙂 For our little family, we have different favorite sayings, photos, and things on the wall. We have a stockpile of tea and coffee readily available for friends that come over. Our dog and our cat also help make this our home.

  4. Lisa Kelly

    I am an unplanned stay at home mom of a 10 year old, 2.5 year old and a 1.5 year old. I have been following you for a while and I now consider it my horoscope. It is uncanny how many similar issues I find myself dealing with just days or weeks after reading. And now this. We moved into a house 1 year ago and nothing is decorated at all. I feel like I have to be all caught up on laundry, dishes and piles of junk before I can focus on decorating (yeah, I know, hahahahaha). I can’t wait any more. We spend way too much time in this house not to love it. Time to make it homey on a thrift store budget. I can’t wait to see what you come up with. Good luck!

  5. Bless My Heart

    Floor pillows for your kids to flop on. Comfortable beds and furniture. Art that means something to you and your family; not the generic decorative stuff. And family photos.

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