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To My Son On His Second Birthday

To My Son On His Second Birthday

To my son,

Today you are two. It seems like you’ve been two much longer since for the past couple of months when people ask me how old you are I say, “Almost two.” But today is the day. Today you are finally two.

We haven’t always had the best of times. Like last night when you refused to go to sleep and almost pushed me over the edge when you woke up your sister. But I forgave you. I always do.

You are smart and active. You were army crawling at four months and pulling yourself up at seven months. I knew in those moments that you were going to be a troublemaker and I’m pleased to say that, as always, I was right.

You are both a slow and fast eater. Sometimes you shove so much food in your mouth at once that it takes you forever to finish the bite. Other times there are too many other things to do that you can’t be bothered to merely sit down and eat.

You have comedic timing well beyond your years. You understand the concept of “pretend,” can count to ten, and know most of your colors.

You are always moving. While your sister drowsily lies on the couch when she has a cold, you maintain your usual energy and instead leave a trail of snot in your wake.

You love books more than any other toddler I know.

You are not much of a cuddler. My favorite part of the day is when you stumble out of your room after waking up from a nap and ask to curl up with me for a few minutes while the remains of dreamland fade.

You enjoy jumping, wrestling, and all-around roughhousing. You enjoy smashing things, banging things, and throwing things. Anything and everything; you do not discriminate.

You are a mystery to me. I am still unsure of the best way to discipline or affirm you. The most effective tactics appear to change every day and perhaps that’s how it will always be. You will always keep me on my toes.

You are compassionate and aggressive, adventurous and untamed.

You are funny and bright, curious and easily excitable.

You are my baby, my son, my buddy, and I love you. I look forward to the next year as we learn more about each other and grow to love one another, and like each other, even more.

Happy birthday.

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3 thoughts on “To My Son On His Second Birthday

  1. Jessica

    Really enjoyed this; simple, honest, loving : ) hugs my own little guy will be two in August and part of me dreads his growing up even tho it is inevitable . . .

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