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I’m Toni Hammer and I’ve been a freelance writer, influencer, and social media personality for the past four years. I’m now using my skills, experience, and talents to help women entrepreneurs whose businesses are making a positive impact in the world. As I like to say, I’m helping women with a mission.

I have a literary agent and wrote a book, I’ve written jokes for big sites like Scary Mommy and Babble, and went viral for a letter I wrote to my daughter. My work has been shared by everyone from George Lopez to George Takei, Redbook to Good Housekeeping. I’ve created memes and essays which have garnered hundreds of thousands of shares and I’m ready to bring my expertise to you and your business.

If you make handbags that allow women in Africa to earn a living wage, I want to help you.
If you roast your own coffee and a portion of sales go to organizations that are putting an end to sex trafficking, I want to help you.
If you write books that empower marginalized people in our society, I want to help you.

If the goal of your business is to change the world, I want to help you.

Email me at and let’s figure out how I can help you grow your business and spend more time doing what you love.

Be unapologetically you,