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New Mom Blog! Platform! Times Are A-Changin’!

Happy Monday, dear readers! I’m equally pleased and anxious to announce a little change on this old blog homestead. It’s still going to be here and it’s still going to be written by me, but the content is changing just a bit.

Let me take you behind the curtain…

So I’m writing this book. Currently I have about half of the manuscript finished and am taking a short break from it in order to work on a book proposal in hopes of getting an agent who will hopefully get a publisher to take it on which will hopefully make me rich and famous. Or maybe make enough money to pay off our student loans before we die. Or something. That monetary part is a little fuzzy.

A big part of the proposal, and my writing career, will be expanding and growing my platform which is essentially my fan base: people who like me, like my writing, spread the word about the blog, the book, etc. The book I’m writing is a compilation of humorous essays on parenthood. Because the book, and probably forthcoming books, are on that subject, and those are the readers I want to reach, it makes sense for my blog to reflect that as well. I want readers of my blog to buy and enjoy my book,  and I want readers of my book to read and enjoy my blog.

All that to say is going to be evolving into a mommy blog where I’ll share funny stories about my life, my kids, and how I survive on five hours of broken sleep a night. I want you to get to know me and what I’m about and where I’m going. I want us to be friends. Won’t you be my neighbor?

I’m really excited about this change and this journey and sharing it all with you. I hope you decide to come with me down this new path.


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