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real self-care for real moms


Hi friend!

While I love the self-care movement, I’ve got an issue with it.

So many of the suggestions for self-care are about bath bombs and pedicures, drinking tea and applying face masks.

Now don’t get me wrong. Those things are important. But self-care — real self-care — is more than that, ya know? It’s about taking care of those things you keep avoiding. It’s about removing physical and mental clutter from your space. It’s about being a grown-up and taking care of your life. Real self-care is a little dirty, a little messy, but totally worth it.

Wanna know what type of activities and tasks count as real self-care?

You’re in luck!

I created a simple list of 8 tasks you can do this week that will help you:

  • Feel accomplished
  • Feel in control
  • Feel less anxious and judgmental
  • And feel like you’re, truly, taking care of YOU

Here’s what some fellow moms had to say about it:

“I really enjoyed the list! Simple things that literally didn’t cost me a thing to do. That actually helped me feel better. Looking forward to next list.”

“Great list! Several things I hadn’t thought of!”

“I freaking love you! I just looked at the real self care list and absolutely love it! I’m going to start today!”

It’s free. No strings attached. Just something I wanted to give you to help you get started on your real self-care journey.

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