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Another Missed Opportunity


photo credit: danijaw via photopin cc
photo credit: danijaw

Last week I talked about a moment where I crushed my daughter’s spirit by crushing her “baby” beneath a bed in a bag at Target. I admitted that I needed to start getting down to her imaginative level, seeing things through her eyes, and embrace those moments where she sees things I don’t.

It didn’t take too long for me to totally miss an opportunity to do that. Mommy fail.

If you follow my Facebook page, you know that Lillian and I had a very concerned conversation regarding the antics of Curious George. The scene was this. We were reading one of her Curious George books during which George finds himself sailing high in the sky on a kite.

Lillian: Uh oh! Mom! George on a kite! Need help!
Me: Honey, he’s fine.
Lily: No, Mom! Need help! Me help!
Me: Okay, baby. You help.
Lily: Okay! (She jumped off the couch and ran over to the door.) Need shoes.

This whole thing in and of itself is absolutely adorable. The fact that she knew she needed shoes in order to go outside and save George shows how remarkably practical she is. I’ll take some genetic credit for that one.

But then there’s the missed opportunity. I smiled and laughed and reassured her that George was fine and we wouldn’t be going outside. She was sad but recovered quickly as she grabbed another book for us to read.

Later, though, I began wondering: What would have happened if I had retrieved her shoes and we had gone outside? What adventure would we have gone on? What would she had done while trying to “save George” that would’ve been beautiful and entertaining to watch?

I missed the opportunity to watch her in action. I missed the opportunity. Again.

I hope the fact that I recognized it this time means that next time, the next time an imaginative toddler tale is soon to be told, that I won’t be hindered by my own adult reality, I hope next time I capture the moment and make a memory. I hope next time I get her shoes.

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