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Why My Son Has A Pink Glo-Worm

photo credit: JimmyMac210 via photopin cc
photo credit: JimmyMac210

For Lillian’s first Christmas, when Levi was kicking the snot out of my rib cage, she was given a Pillow Pet as one of her presents. It’s a penguin and it lights up and the lights change color and such. I remember the first night she had it, she was just staring at the ceiling watching the different shapes and colors. She loved it and I went to great lengths to ensure that she always had it with her at bedtime. I think it was more my crutch than hers.

Then came Levi’s first birthday. He has two cousins born a few weeks before him and there was a big first birthday shindig for all of them. One guest got each boy a Glo-Worm. I remember having one as a kid which means I must’ve been pretty attached to it because I don’t remember anything from my childhood. There’s a good chance I’m making that memory up now that I think about it. But Levi got a Glo-Worm and he… was okay with it. He wasn’t a huge fan but it was alright.

Lillian, on the other hand, loved it and thought it was the best thing ever. Through one nighttime experiment I learned that Levi preferred the changing colors of the Pillow Pet, and Lils preferred the light and music of the Glo-Worm. So I did a switcharoo and now they’re both happy.

Or at least they were until last week when Levi decided he wanted Lillian’s Glo-Worm.

Which was technically his Glo-Worm.

It’s difficult to explain to a 15-month old that, “No, that’s not yours. That belongs to your sister. Give it back please.” It’s almost as hard as saying to a 2-year old, “Hey, I know you really like your Glo-Worm, but can you give it to your brother? It’s technically his…”

Big surprise–neither one was giving in. Technicalities don’t go over well with toddlers.

My solution?

Buy another Glo-Worm.

Because I’m that mom.

Since the first Glo-Worm was meant for Levi, it was blue and green. I foolishly assumed that they’d have tons of other color schemes.

They do not.

It was either blue and green, which we already had, or pink and green… even though it was going to be Levi’s.

Now here’s the thing. I don’t think I get too caught up in the “boys are blue, girls are pink” mentality. If Lils wants to play football, I’ll buy her shoulder pads. If Levi wants to throw tea parties, I’ll begrudgingly sit through them. It’s all good in my book.

So because I only had two color options, and because I’m pretty lackadaisical about gender-related things…

My son has a pink Glo-Worm.

And he loves it.

Each kids now has a Glo-Worm and I don’t have to play toddler referee anymore.

Everyone’s a winner!

6 thoughts on “Why My Son Has A Pink Glo-Worm

  1. cherishingthemoment

    I remember my glow worm too–and very little else from my childhood. I think I better go get a couple so my kids don’t miss out on this. Pink or blue, hey? And me with two little boys. Hmmm, am I as laid back as you? 😉

  2. momtojuju

    my youngest has the blue and green one.Never bothered her, not once. Go Levi!!!

  3. Naomi

    I never liked the gender color scheme thing, either. I saw some parent shaming her boy for wanting a pink car. My daughter thought she couldn’t choose a black and red shirt because those are “boy colors.” I tell her over and over again that she can like whatever color she wants.

  4. tonihammer

    Pink would not have been my first choice for him but… what’s the harm, right? Especially since they share everything anyway.

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