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Are you ready to feel like a rockstar girl boss who knows who she is and what she’s about and doesn’t care what other people think?!

Let me guess…

  • You’re doing “all the right things” on social media but you can’t get any traction
  • You are super psyched about your product or service and you know it’s AMAZING but you have no idea how to convey that to everyone else
  • You’re super concerned about what others think about you
  • You console yourself with thoughts like, “Well the market is oversaturated” and “it’s all the algorithm’s fault…”
  • Deep down, you want to be THE person in your niche but you don’t think you’re deserving of that place…

Girl, you are WRONG

All that stuff up there? Just lies. Just excuses. Just fear.

You’re afraid to be real.
You’re afraid to talk on social media the way you talk with your BFFs.
You’re scared of what others will think.
You’re afraid of losing followers.
You’re afraid of offending people.
Or WORSE you’re afraid your mom might see it!

But have no fear! (Get it?) Your confidence coach is here and I am so excited to work with you!

Hi, I’m Toni Hammer, I have been there! 🙋‍♀️

I used to be afraid of being ME on social media, too! (Some days I’m even still a little nervous.) But after five years and over 45,000 fans, I’ve learned how to build up my confidence on social media and I’m so excited to help YOU do the same thing!

I’ve talked about everything from my weight to motherhood to mental health to giving my kids a bowl of shredded cheese for dinner. And every time two things happen.

One, I DO offend people. People DO unfollow me. They DO comment that I’m a bad mom or a bad person or whatever.

But the other thing that happens? I get TONS of new followers and comments and messages and likes from women who are like, “OMG ME TOO. It’s like you’re talking right to ME.”

And THAT is the power of being confident on social media and that’s what I want for YOU.

This program is for you if…

  • You look at other people in your niche and think, “I could never do what they do.”
  • You’re tired of being generic on social media but don’t know how to break through
  • You’re scared to be REAL on social media (i.e. talk about Jesus or drop an F bomb or talk about your struggles)
  • You’re so worried about offending someone that it’s kinda paralyzing
  • You’re plagued by all the “what ifs” and just default to posting an inspo quote instead of what you REALLY want to share
  • You struggle to put into your words WHY you’re in the biz you’re in
  • You WANT to be the IT person in your niche
  • You WANT to be seen as an expert
  • You WANT to build a community of raving fans who know, like, trust, and buy all the things from you
  • You’re ready to take a leap of faith to make it alllll happen

All of that CAN be yours! The confidence, the clarity, the passion, all of it.

Here’s how.

Over the next 8 weeks we’ll cover…

Creating a fearless mindset so you always show up with confidence

  • Learn the power of affirmations so you can always get your energy in the right place before writing content or getting on a sales call
  • Uncover what you REALLY want from your business so you can make those desires work for you
  • See social media as a gift instead of a non-negotiable chore
  • Discover your big WHY so you can fall back on it when you’re scared
  • Trust your gut and stop stressing about the right time or the right words or the right anything so you can do YOUR business YOUR way

Establish yourself as an authentic authority figure in your area of expertise

  • How to write a post that sounds like you so you can attract your ideal clients
  • Learn how to talk about your product or service in a way that isn’t salesy so you don’t turn off potential clients
  • Uncover your unique story so you can STAND OUT from every other person in your niche

Who are your people (and who aren’t)

  • Discover what you want for your people so you can always tell them exactly what they need to hear
  • See the real benefit of losing followers so you can stop being afraid of it
  • Stop giving YOUR POWER away to the negative people in your biz and your life

This program is $4000 (a payment plan is available) and includes:

  • Eight (8) 45-minute Zoom calls that will be recorded so you can return to them again and again
  • Voxer support (voice & text) between calls for when you need extra encouragement
  • Copy review of posts to ensure you’re being the rockstar woman you desire to be on social media

By the end of our 8 weeks you WILL…

  • Know who you are and how to show up as YOU on social media
  • Know who your people are and how to ALWAYS give them value
  • Know how to talk about your business with CONFIDENCE and clarity

Are you ready?!

Working with me is by application only. I wanna make sure that I’m only taking on clients who are excited, committed, and ready to do the work. Please fill out the application below to be considered.

You’ll hear from me within 72 hours and, if your application is accepted, we’ll set up a time to schedule a call to make sure you and I are a perfect match for success.

Can’t wait to hear from you and make 2019 the year the real you shows up on social.