Day 18: The Hardest Thing for Moms to Do


Today’s affirmation: I show myself love by resting.

Yesterday I did a hard thing.

A super hard thing for me.

A hard thing for most moms.

I rested.

I was on day three of terrible sleep and not much of that.

I was exhausted and short-tempered and overwhelmed with all the things I had to do.

I started doing them. I told myself I had to be strong, to push through, that this is what being a mom, being a woman, was all about. Doing the hard things when I didn’t feel like it.

And then it struck me.

The hardest thing for a mom to do is rest.

That’s it.

We think we have to always be go go going. We must be making breakfast and packing lunches, cleaning up dinner and vacuuming the day’s aftermath. We are comforters and caretakers, not to mention the house and our job and all the other things.

But we are women. Nay we are 21st century women. We can do it all and have it all.

But we can’t unless we do the hard thing.

And what is that hard thing?


We can’t fill up anyone else’s tank if ours is empty.

We can’t find joy if we’re too tired to look for it.

We can’t lend our friend a hand if we’re too exhausted to raise it.

Mamas, we must rest. We must find time to take a breath, to refresh our hearts and souls.

So yesterday when I had a million things to do and I was overwhelmed and I felt like i had to do it all…

I didn’t.

I chose to rest.

Now here I am today Those million things to do are still here, but now I am more rested and prepared to take them on.

Rest, dear mamas.

Empowering Words: Rest and be thankful. – William Wordsworth

This is day 18 of my 2018 series “The Year I Learn to Love Myself.” You can get the lowdown on the series here on my day one post.

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This is the number one hardest thing for moms to do, but it's also the most important for our happiness.