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Why it Took Me an Hour to Vacuum 25 sq. ft.

photo credit: JD Hancock via photopin cc

photo credit: JD Hancock

I love my daughter. She is smart, sweet, funny and she loves to help.

Or rather… “help.”

Some things she’s better at helping with than others. Like putting clothes in the washing machine or the dryer. Or taking clothes out of the dryer. Or trying to put her brother in the dryer. She excels at these things.

Vacuuming? Not so much.

She tries though. She really does.

Lillian first started “helping” with the vacuuming when she saw me going to town underneath the dining room table with the vacuum hose after dinner one night. Instead of scolding her when she tried to grab the hose from my hands, I seized the opportunity to instill in my daughter a love for doing chores (especially those I loathe) and handed her the extender hose attachment. It wasn’t attached to the vacuum and therefore was just a useless piece of plastic, but she didn’t know that. She got a huge smile on her face and sidled up next to me under the table, whipping the attachment back and forth just like Mommy.

It was adorable.Read More »Why it Took Me an Hour to Vacuum 25 sq. ft.

6 Things I’ve Learned Since Becoming a Mom

photo credit: iconicsummer via photopin cc

photo credit: iconicsummer

I haven’t learned how to get my son to stop grabbing himself every chance he gets, but I have learned a few things since kicking and screaming my way into parenthood.

1. The 5-second rule is actually closer to a week for kids. My son will come crawling into the kitchen to find me while gnawing on a piece of waffle and I’ll think, “When was the last time we had waffles? Where did he find that? Can it count as his lunch? Is there enough for Lillian?”

2. Chicken and Rice baby food tastes nothing like chicken and rice. It is nasty. It tastes like nasty. Why is it sweet? And why did I taste it in the first place? Oh, right, because my baby flung it onto my face when he realized it was nasty.Read More »6 Things I’ve Learned Since Becoming a Mom

It’s Time to Kick Off the Potty Party!

My daughter will be 2 in just a few days so off and on (mostly off) we’ve been working with her on potty training. I’m a mom who found the activity of feeding my babies pureed carrots to be a dull, dry bore and potty training is quickly becoming a close second.

At least there’s some action though. I’ve gotta keep a close eye on her for the signals that she’s getting ready to get down and dirty. When I see a sign I stop what I’m doing, yell, “Lily! Are you going poop?!” and frantically grab her to rush to the bathroom.

I’ve tried to explain the concept to her in a matter of ways, but what seems to work best for her is… well… demonstration.Read More »It’s Time to Kick Off the Potty Party!

Baby Walker For Sale

I broke my kids’ walker.

They were both in awful moods so I thought I would make them laugh. I put one foot in, then the other, and then attempted to sit down in the small seat. They thought it was the funniest thing ever and laughed until they cried at big mommy trying to fit into a pint-sized contraption. After that we all went out for ice cream and the kidlets went to bed without a fuss.

I wish that’s how it went anyway.Read More »Baby Walker For Sale