Friday Funny: Crawling After My Toddler Without Pants

photo credit: stevendepolo via photopin cc

photo credit: stevendepolo

I guess the title is misleading. It makes it sound like my toddler wasn’t wearing pants. And he wasn’t. But I really want to explain to you why I didn’t have pants on while crawling after my toddler.

It all started with poop. The best stories do.

Both kids were in my lap as we watched “Let It Go” on YouTube for conservatively the 812th time that day. I still like the song, they kind of sit still, and Lillian is adorable when she sings along. She does the hand motions too. It’s great.

So we’re all sitting, watching the computer, when I smell something. Oh geez, one of the kids pooped. There went that cute moment. Well, I’ll just wait until this is over.

“Let it go, let it go…”

Why is my leg wet?

I look down, and Levi had managed to not only poop, but somehow completely miss the diaper. I don’t even know what happened. Sometimes the stars are aligned just right, the diaper’s on just wrong, and everything comes pouring out.

Now I’ve dealt with a lot of poop in my two years of motherhood, but getting pooped on always sends me into a fight or flight mode. What do I do?!Read More »Friday Funny: Crawling After My Toddler Without Pants

“I’m a Bad Mom” Monday: I Launched My Son into a Desk

photo credit: mikecogh via photopin cc

photo credit: mikecogh

I struggle a lot with finding new and interesting and fun activities for my kiddos, especially those that entertain both kids at the same time. Lillian is 2 so she can do fun things like color (every flat surface) or play with Play-Doh (and smash it into the carpet.) Levi is 1 so he’s capable of eating crayons and Play-Doh. Which he does. I’ve changed the technicolor diapers as proof.

While my children are close in age, the gap right now is pretty developmentally dense, so anytime I come up with something all of us can do together is pretty exciting. The other day I had one of those great ideas.

My mother-in-law recently gave us a new desk chair. It’s a sturdy, swiveling, salmon-colored chair that is perfect for my husband who’s on the bigger side. It’s wide and has a tall back and did I mention it’s capable of spinning around and around in circles at speeds capable of injuring small children?

Well it is.Read More »“I’m a Bad Mom” Monday: I Launched My Son into a Desk

It’s Time to Kick Off the Potty Party!

My daughter will be 2 in just a few days so off and on (mostly off) we’ve been working with her on potty training. I’m a mom who found the activity of feeding my babies pureed carrots to be a dull, dry bore and potty training is quickly becoming a close second.

At least there’s some action though. I’ve gotta keep a close eye on her for the signals that she’s getting ready to get down and dirty. When I see a sign I stop what I’m doing, yell, “Lily! Are you going poop?!” and frantically grab her to rush to the bathroom.

I’ve tried to explain the concept to her in a matter of ways, but what seems to work best for her is… well… demonstration.Read More »It’s Time to Kick Off the Potty Party!