Let’s be real with each other right off the bat, k?

You were once SO EXCITED about your business. 

You were writing content that was FIRE and your people were loving it. 

Your audience was growing and they were READY to work with you and become raving fans

Slowly the passion died. 

Now you’re writing posts just to “be visible” but your heart isn’t in it. 

The only people engaging with your content is your BFF.

Your offers feel dull and blah.

You’re thinking about ghosting your business or quitting altogether because it’s not making the money or the impact you desire.

Everything is just uninspired and you’re just going through the motions and nothing is working and…



Hi, I’m Toni Hammer, Clarity Queen, and for over a year I was doing ALL THE THINGS.

  • Hours of journaling

  • Investing in courses

  • Investing in coaches

  • Setting goals

  • Setting intentions

  • Meditating

  • Affirmations

  • Pivoting

  • Trying this

  • Trying that

And I could NOT sign a client no matter what I did. 

I even abandoned my business for 4 months because I decided I was going to become a famous YouTube comedian instead. 🤦‍♀️

But I knew deep down in my soul that being a coach was what I was made to do. I just KNEW IT.

So I got real with myself and thought long and hard about how I was going to be a money-making coach.

After doing a lot of soul searching, asking myself all the questions, mindset  exercises, more journaling…

I realized I was created to encourage and empower women to be confident badasses and the way I do that is by coaching fellow coaches. 

I discovered that my innate gifts allow me to help coaches build their confidence, get clear on their business, and write content that gets their people excited to buy. 

Once I got clear on that message…

Once I decided that’s who I am

and what I do 

and why I’m here…


I signed 4 private clients in less than a month!


That’s right. 

I went from over a year with zero clients to FOUR in less than a month all because I got CLEAR on who I am, became CONFIDENT as that person, and wrote CONTENT that drew my audience in. 

And the momentum hasn’t stopped.


Now I’m ready to help YOU build this same confidence, get this same clarity, and write the same type of content that makes all of your goals and dreams come true.

This coaching program is different from many you’ve seen. 

There’s two parts.

The first part is all about clarity where we’ll meet every week to get super clear and confident on the following:

  • Week 1: Clarity on your business

  • Week 2: Clarity on your message

  • Week 3: Clarity on your people

These hyper focused sessions will get you FIRED UP again because of all the insights we’ll uncover.

Insights my clients have had:

⭐️ They don’t want to be the center of attention which is why 1:1 has never worked for them despite all the other coaches telling them that was the best way

⭐️ They don’t want to do private coaching at all because they’d rather create one offer and sell it over and over again 

⭐️ They stopped hiding the spiritual side of their business

⭐️ They didn’t want to talk about just nutrition; they wanted to talk about mindset, too

⭐️ They didn’t want to talk about parent wounds or super deep stuff; they wanted to coach women on manifesting and making life easy

⭐️ They stepped into their power by getting clear on who the wanted to help

That’s just SOME of the breakthroughs my clients have had when we’ve worked on clarity.

After these powerful three weeks, we move on to the next step which is more traditional 1:1 coaching. It includes:

⚡️ Six more weeks of coaching from me

(4) 45-minute Zoom calls where we set intentions, decide where you want to go, up your confidence, raise your vibe, get clear on your offers, create content that gets people excited to pay you, and more

⚡️ Unlimited Voxer access M-F so you always have me in your corner coaching you, encouraging you, and celebrating with you!

⚡️ Free lifetime access to any courses I run during our time together as well as access to my membership when it launches

⚡️ Content audits on social media posts, emails, sales pages, etc.

If you want me to look over something but you’re too excited to wait until our next call, we’ll have a Google doc where I can take a look and give you feedback so you can share it ASAP

⚡️ Me engaging with your content throughout the week to not only encourage you and boost the algorithm, but also so we can jump right in to what happened over the last week

It’s all so possible.

In 9 weeks, your business could be making you money instead of making you miserable. 

You CAN be excited about your business again. 

You CAN stand out and grow your audience full of people that love you.

You CAN turn your content into cash.

Please don’t give up on your dream. 

The clients, money, and impact you desire is totally possible.

You simply need to get clear on what you want your business to look like, 

get confident that you are THE person your audience needs, 

and then write content that gets them excited to pay you. 

Once you tap into this clarity and confidence, the magic happens.

I want to help you unlock that magic.


Your investment is either one payment of $3333

or (3) monthly payments of $1333.

The next step is to reach out and send me either a Facebook message or Instagram DM so we can start chatting about if working with me is right for you!

Can’t wait to talk with you!