Copywriting for coaches who would rather create their new incredible offer than write the sales page for it.

Are you so excited about your next offer but the idea of writing a sales page for it makes you wanna bash your head into the keyboard?

Do you know that you’re so good at what you do but writing sales copy def isn’t it?

Are you so ready to let someone else handle your sales page so you can start creating your next big thing?

I wanna write your sales page.

Hi, I’m Toni Hammer, and writing is my jam. 

For a number of years I was a parenting freelance writer. I was pretty good, too, and quickly started writing for some big name sites like Scary Mommy, Babble, and HuffPost. I also got a literary agent and wrote a book.

I got burned out on writing personal essays and news stories, though, and switched over to copywriting. I worked with many female entrepreneurs and crafted their About Me pages, the copy for challenges they were running, and info about their current offers. (I was writing sales pages before I knew they were sales pages.)

I felt I was pretty good at that, too, and decided I was going to be a Content Coach! However, the only program that sold super well was one on, surprise!, writing copy. I still offer coaching but writing has always been my first love.

Recently my mentor (who earns multiple 6-figures a year) looked over one of my sales pages and said “this is so good!” and “Toni, you’re so good at what you do!”

And what I do is write sales pages really well.


(Only 4 spots available at this price!

How it works:

  • First, we’ll have a quick chat over FB Messenger or Voxer to talk about you, your offer, and any questions you have for me.

  • Then I’ll send you a form to fill out where you’ll tell me more about your offer, your ideal client, their pain points, and the transformation you offer.

  • I’ll review it and if I feel like I can create an awesome sales page for you, I’ll send you an invoice and a link to schedule our deep dive call. If you feel like I’m the right copywriter for you, we’ll move on to the fun stuff!

  • On our deep dive call, we’ll go through your form and go deeper into the information so I can for sure write compelling copy for your sales page. This convo will also help me get a sense of your vibe, energy, voice, etc so your sales page sounds like YOU.

  • After this call, I will have the copy to you within 7 business days.

  • Once you review it, you’ll have an opportunity to request rewrites. I will have these edits to you within 48 hours. You have up to two rewrites per project

Here is one of my sales pages so you get an idea of how I write

If you’d like to begin the process of hiring me, send me a Facebook message, Instagram DM, or email me and tell me about your offer!

If you need someone who actually enjoys writing to create your sales page so you can spend your time doing the fun stuff like creating the offer and hyping it up…

If you’re ready for me to write your sales page so you can stop procrastinating and finally launch your next big thing…

Then I am so excited to write your sales page for you!

Reach out via Facebook message, Instagram DM, or email me. Can’t wait to hear from you!