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Is fear of other people judging you keeping you from going live on Facebook?

Are you letting silly excuses like not having the perfect background keep you from taking that next step?

Do you KNOW that Facebook Live will catapult your biz to the next level but you just don’t have the confidence to do it?

Are you so tired of watching other people go live and have massive results while you’re sitting on the couch?

Are you ready to kick fear and excuses to the curb, hit Go Live with excitement, and spread your message to the masses?

Then you, my friend, are in the right place.


The 3-week live group program that will help high vibe women in the online space stop sitting on the sidelines and confidently step into the spotlight of Facebook Live.


Go Live in 5 is a 3-week course (taught live of course!) designed to help you build up your confidence, eliminate excuses, and have a set plan, routine, ritual, whatever you wanna call it, that gets you from “hmm… I should talk about that” to going LIVE in 5 minutes or less.

Week one we dive deep into your attitude and mentality around going live. We’ll figure out what’s holding you back. What the fear is. Maybe you’re afraid of people making fun of you. Maybe you’re afraid that you don’t have anything to say. Maybe you think your mom is the only person who cares. Maybe you’re afraid that if everything isn’t perfect, no one will watch.

My plan is to help you get to the root of those thoughts that are keeping you from going live and show you how to move past them so that you can show up, feel empowered, and spread your message to your people.

In the second week, we get practical. We’re going to get your “studio” ready and free of excuses. Do you think there’s no “good “ place for you to set up? Do you think your background isn’t pretty? Are you thinking your lighting is too dark, too bright, or that your webcam isn’t “good enough?”

During this module we also talk about the content. How to write a headline that will draw people in to check it out. How to write a post promoting your live that will get people fired up to come see you. How to prepare for what you’re going to say so you can nail your message every single time.

We’ll discuss and create the perfect place for you to go live so that little things like your background or the shirt you’re wearing don’t bother you, and you’re fully prepared to give value to your audience.

The last week we put everything together and create your “go live in five” master plan. You will walk away with the EXACT steps to take so that you can be confident in what you’re going to say, totally carefree about what you look like, and 100% ready to do the thing in five minutes or less. It will be a repeatable process for you to do every time so that you never hold yourself back from going live ever again.

How would it feel to know that you can boldly go live whenever you want with zero doubt or fear or lame excuses? Join now and you’ll find out!


It’s for you!

Are you a female entrepreneur who wants to take her biz to the next level by getting transparent with your people?

Do you WANT to go live but you’re scared to show your face?

Do you KNOW that going live isn’t going away and you wanna jump on this opportunity but doubt is holding you back?

Do you have a product or service based business that would totally grow if people got to see the real you?

Are you ready to fully express yourself, let people fall in love with you and your message, and you know that now is the time to take massive action?

Then this is totally for you!


Hey there! I’m Toni Hammer, Content Coach and internet cheerleader.

My first biz went from zero to a following of over 45,000 loyal fans and I love helping my fellow girl bosses get the attention they deserve so they can stand out on social media, grow their audience, and make all the sales.

I’m a writer at heart, but I have LOVED Facebook Live from its inception.


Because I want to help people. (We all do, right?) And I do that by earning their trust, showing them who I really am, and encouraging them to do the same.

Facebook Live is an incredible tool if you’re a coach or other service provider because it helps your followers get to know YOU. Not just the words that you type, but to see your face, hear your message, and, more than that, hear the passion you have for helping them accomplish whatever they desire.

Going live allows people to really get to know you, fall in love with you, follow you, and eventually buy all the things from you because they love who you are as a person — not just a face in their newsfeed.

Sure, you can write content all day, every day, and make sales but going live opens up so many more opportunities because those watching will get to see the real you.

But you’re scared. I get it.

You’re scared people will just be staring at your double chin.

You’re worried you don’t have anything to say.

You don’t know where to set up in your home or office or you think you don’t even have a place to go live from.

You freak out at the thought of your dog barking or your kids screaming in the other room.

You’re a perfectionist and are overly concerned with how your background looks, if your hair looks okay, and OMG what will they think of you if you lose your train of thought or stumble over your words?!

I’m totally with you, girl. It can be scary. And that’s why Go Live in 5 is for you.

In just three weeks, I’ll help you go from sitting on the sidelines to standing in the spotlight, sharing your message with confidence, being unapologetically you, and growing an audience full of people that love you.



  • Uncover the fears and beliefs that are keeping you on the sidelines so you can kick them to the curb
  • Learn a variety of different techniques to overcome those limiting beliefs so you can implement what works best for you. (There’s no one size fits all method here!)
  • Develop a personalized go-to strategy for psyching yourself up before going live so you can do it with confidence every time


  • Make your plan for a seamless recording setup so you can eliminate excuses keeping you from going live
  • Learn the most important pieces of information to have on hand before you hit Live so you can show up without any hesitation
  • Master the art of writing headlines that get people so interested in what you have to say that they HAVE to watch


  • This is where we put it all together and create your personalized routine to go through so you can go live in 5 minutes or less
  • Discover how to instantly boost your self-esteem right before going live so you can unapologetically show up with poise
  • Understand how to quickly get prepared just enough so that you get out of your head and into your follower’s feeds
  • Learn the three simple steps to take so you can go from “I should talk about this” to live in five minutes or less



Three live training modules

Workbook to go along with each module so you can create your Go Live in 5 routine

Secret Facebook group but not just ANY Facebook group!

Every week there will be several prompts to choose from so you can practice going live in a safe place full of other high vibe women so you can get feedback from others who have the same desire as you: to go live with confidence

I am SO EXCITED about this course because it’s not just me throwing information at you.

Every week you’ll be given actionable steps to help you conquer your mind, speak from your heart, and get feedback from your fellow girl bosses who want to help you be the best that you can be.

This is more than a course.

I’m offering you a unique experience to be part of a special group of women and learn not only how to go live in five, but how to stand out on social media as the bold badass girl boss you are.

Just imagine where you could be in 3 weeks.

You’re confident and fearless.

When you have inspiration to share your message, you just get up and DO IT because you have a plan that gets you in the spotlight in five minutes or less.

Your people are showing up, liking, commenting, asking questions, and falling in love with the rockstar entrepreneur you are.

Your audience is growing.

Your sales are growing.

But, more than that, your self worth, your belief in your product or service, and your message to the world is stronger and clearer than ever before.

Are you ready?