What I Wish I’d Had When I Was Stranded at SFO

I wish I'd had the myCharge HUB Max when I found myself stranded at the airport for a gazillion hours trying to get home for my grandmother's funeral.

I wish I'd had the myCharge HUB Max when I found myself stranded at the airport for a gazillion hours trying to get home for my grandmother's funeral.Recently I flew back home for my grandmother’s memorial service. She passed away a few months ago and the plan was to have a bonfire on the beach and then spread her ashes at sunset. A lot of family was to arrive and it was to be a sweet time of laughter and sharing stories and remembering her. I made travel arrangements to get into town around noon on Friday, her service was at 5, and then spend a few extra days with my parents and family since I hadn’t visited in a year.

That was the plan anyway.

What happened was a travel atrocity which kept me from attending the service thanks to United Airlines.

My first flight arrived earlier than expected which is always nice. I had plenty of time to get some coffee and hang out with my phone until my connection. Until my connection got delayed. Then delayed again. Then cancelled.

I and other flyers stood in line at customer service to get rebooked. I still had time to make it with my new flight so I wasn’t worried. Until that flight got delayed. And delayed again. And delayed again. And then, yes, cancelled.

At this point I had spent over seven hours in the airport just trying to get home. When I was rebooked once more I wouldn’t be arriving home until after 11pm. My grandmother’s service was at 5.

I was rage texting my dad and sister during the entire ordeal which was sucking away at my battery life. The battery life of a phone that was on its last legs and got drained if I just looked at it wrong. I needed my phone to keep them up to date on the arrangements but trying to find an outlet in a crowded and pissed off terminal wasn’t easy. Luckily I managed to eventually find one and thank the good Lord I had the foresight to pack my charger in my carry-on bag.

I needed my phone to stay in touch (because what eventually happened was my dad and sister drove four hours to rescues me) and what I really needed that day was this.


Wait. My camera skills suck. Look how pretty it is when professionals take the picture!

mycharge stock

The myCharge HUB Max portable charger. This thing is TSA approved so I could’ve had it with me in the terminal. It’s super fast and extends talk time by 67 hours – plenty of time to keep my fam up to date – and could’ve even charged my tablet which I would have brought had I known I’d be spending the entire day at the airport. It has both an integrated Apple charger and a micro USB. (I’m an iPhone lady and my husband’s an android man so it works great for both of us.) It charges tablets, fitness watches, digital cameras, all the things us moms have at our disposal to help us stay sane during stressful times.

Just this week my husband got home from work earl y and wanted to take the kids for a walk in the stroller while he listened to an audiobook. His phone was almost dead so he just plugged it in and took them both with him so I could have a few moments of quiet time. He, and the HUB Max charger, are lifesavers. We’re also going camping in a few weeks and I’ll definitely be bringing it with us. In case we have an emergency I don’t want a dead phone battery to keep us from getting help.

Maybe you don’t wanna miss taking a video of your son’s dance recital or your daughter’s solo in the school play. Maybe you just wanna keep it in your car in case you get stranded in the Target parking lot after spending $200 on stuff you didn’t know you needed. Whatever your life entails, this is a great device to have on hand.

AND, lucky for you, the awesome peeps at myCharge have given me the power to give one away to one of my readers! So here’s the deal. Either comment on this blog post below with your email address (for contact purposes) OR tweet at me that you wanna win OR comment on this post on Facebook. I’ll choose a winner on Sunday as a Mother’s Day gift from one mom to another.

If you’re not the gambling type and want one right now, use promo code MOM when you’re checking out at their web site for 40% off the HUB Max. It retails for $129.99 so you’d be getting a great deal on it.

So who’s feeling lucky?

(NOTE: Winners must live in the US.)


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  1. Suzanne.mcquitty@yahoo.com
    I’m at an event right now and my 4 year old has sucked most of the life out of my phone while I was busy chasing the toddler. The portable charger I have now barely charges my phone to 50% and take FOREVER just for that.

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