How to Live Your Best Life Today

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Happy Monday!

Today I want to tell you how some silicone ice cube trays helped me start living my best life.

I know it sounds silly.

I get it.

But it’s TRUE!

Like you, I have big dreams and goals for my life. I want a nice house with nice things which is why I do all these side hustle things. To bring in the dollar bills.

I don’t want a mansion or a dollar sign shaped pool. But I’d like a big kitchen to make food my kids won’t eat and a big bath tub to retreat to after a hard day of mom life. And, if I’m shooting for the stars, I’d love to be able to hire a housekeeper to come a couple times a week.

Maybe you have similar desires in your dream life.

Well over the weekend I took a step towards that.

Yep, the ice cube trays.

They’re cute and silicone so when I go to get ice for my Diet Coke, there’s no cracking, no ice shards flying everywhere; just cute little cubes.

And I know it sounds weird, but these trays, these little frozen cubes, make me feel like more of an adult. A real adult. Not a struggling college student.

They’re an example of a nice thing I’d like to own in my nice dream house someday.

They’re a simple step towards achieving my dream life.

If you have a dream — maybe it’s to be a blogger, crafter, entrepreneur, raise nice kids, have a mansion — you can start taking steps towards that today.

If you want a clean house for when company stops by, you can take a step towards that life by clearing the cobwebs in your living room. (I gotta do that, too!)

If you wanna raise kids with high self-esteem, you can take a step towards that dream by putting an affirmation note in their lunch box.

If you wanna be an entrepreneur, mom boss, you can buy that domain today or open that Etsy shop.

For me, it wasn’t about the ice trays.

It was about taking a step towards the life that I want to live.

It motivated me to take more steps today towards making that vision a reality.

What’s your dream, your vision, and what can you do today to get one step closer to living that dream?

Love you, mama.