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Hey girl!

I’m Toni Hammer and I’m a Content Coach.

One day several years ago I started up a Facebook page and an IG account and started sharing my story about life and motherhood and being a woman. I told the funny parts, the boring parts, the OMG are you kidding me stuff, and everything in between.

And that work, just sharing my story, sharing it alllll, led me to creating a community of over 45,000 women (and some men.)

They loved that I was transparent. They loved that I said what they were thinking but wouldn’t dare say. They loved that I was a real person who shared her real life and didn’t hold back.

My essays got hundreds of thousands of shares. George Takei shared one of my FB posts. George Lopez shared one of my memes. American Greetings bought the rights to one of my tweets. I’ve been interviewed by big outlets around the globe…

All because I shared my story and told my truth and didn’t apologize for it.

I loved all of that, I’m so grateful for it, but my life has changed.

My kids are older. I’m burned out on spilling my deep, dark secrets. And I want to SERVE.

I got tired of making it all about me and instead I want to make it all about you, serving you, giving you value.

So now..

I want to help you figure out what your story is so you stop sounding like everyone else.

I want to help you get over your doubts and fears and start sharing that story everywhere all the time.

I want you to love social media.

I want you to know who you’re trying to reach and write content that draws them to you.

I want you to be as successful as you want to be.

I want you to stand out on social media.

And it all starts with your story.

Let me help you find it, nurture it, polish it, and put it out there.

If you’re a coach who’s tired of sounding like everyone else but doesn’t know who she is…

If you’re in direct sales and used to love social media but now haaaates it…

If you’re a girl boss who’s ready to get uncomfortable because you know that’s where change happens…

Apply to work with me┬átoday and let’s make 2019 the year you show up on social.