That’s what my Clarity Queens membership is all about. 

How much easier would signing clients be if you always knew the exact right thing to say in your content?


How would it feel if writing content was simple and effortless because you were always super clear on your message to your people?


What if you never felt stuck in your business again because you always knew who you were and where you were going?


How much more would you love your business if you always knew the next right step to take and you had the confidence to take it?

⭐️ Hi, I’m Toni, Clarity Queen, and I was stuck FOREVER in my business.

I was doing all the mindset work

Writing all the content

Posting all the IG stories

Creating all the offers

And I COULD NOT sign any clients. 

It was so frustrating and disheartening and, at one point, I ghosted my business for several months because I decided to become a YouTube comedy star. 🤦‍♀️

But I came back.

And tried again. 

And got super clear on 

⭐️ Who I am

⭐️ What my gifts are

⭐️ What work I really wanted to do 

⭐️ Who I really wanted to work with

I stopped being who I thought I was supposed to do and started doing all the things my way

A way that felt good and aligned and ME

I signed four client in less than a month 


Because I got clear.

Because I got confident. 

Because I did things my way. 


And it wasn’t just a fluke. 


Shortly after that amazing month, I signed a coaching client into a brand new offer in less than 72 hours without a sales page. 


It. All. Happened. 


And it’s still happening. 


Because teaching women how to get clear on their business and message is my jam. 


Because helping women build their confidence is what I was born to do  


Because doing things your way is the only way and I love encouraging coaches to find their own way.


And that’s why I created the Clarity Queens membership.

Here’s the thing. 

The way we sign clients and make sales is through our content. 

And if our content is stagnant and blah and we’re not excited about it, it’s just gonna sit on our social media feeds getting a handful of likes but no traction. 

The key is being clear on your message and your business. 

Knowing who you are, 

what you want to sell, 

why you want to sell it, 

who needs it,

why they need it,

and why you’re the person to give it to them.

And once you’re clear, then you need the confidence to stand up and say “I am THE PERSON to help you with this.”

Clarity + Confidence = Next Level Success

And I am so excited to help you get to that next level (and the one after that) with my membership.

First Tuesday of every month: Intention Setting Workshop

Every month we’ll have a live workshop in our Facebook group where we’ll deep dive into setting intentions for the month. 

We’ll go over

  • What went well the previous month
  • What felt good
  • Where we feel stuck
  • Where we wanna go

And a lot more

By the end, you’ll be feeling good about where your business is now, where you want it to go this month, and how you’re going to get there.

Second Tuesday of every month: Live Group Coaching

We’ll hop on Zoom for a group coaching call where I will help you 

Get clear on anything that’s fuzzy

Get confident about who you are and what you do

And answer all of your questions so you can head into the rest of the month with confidence and clarity.

Third Tuesday of every month: Training on clarity, confidence, mindset, marketing, and more

Based on your questions and concerns that came up during our group coaching, I’ll create a training to help the whole group grow and head into the last half of the month excited about their business.

Fourth Thursday of the month: Prompt Drop

I’ll upload to the group

Affirmations to help you continue to grow your mindset and confidence in yourself

Journal prompts so you can get real honest with yourself about where your business is, where you wanna go, and how to get there

Content prompts so you can always create posts, emails, and videos that speak directly to your people and get them excited to work with you 

If there’s a month with a fifth Tuesday, we’ll have a guest expert teach us about business, marketing, mindset, etc.

Daily access to me in our Facebook community

I’ll show up every day, Monday through Friday, to answer your questions, give coaching, support you, encourage you, and CELEBRATE with you!

PLUS, any offers I create while you’re a member you will get for free! Doesn’t matter if the offer is $10 or $1000, as long as you’re a member, it’s yours!

BONUS! When you sign up for 3 months, you’ll receive a 60-minute 1:1 call with me to use at any time during your membersip!

I know you’ve been looking for this.

A community of fellow coaches who love to grow personally and professionally.

A place to receive clarity and confidence in your business.

A membership where you’re fully supported and encouraged to do things your way. 

If you’re ready for next level success, I’d love to have you join me in Clarity Queens.