Guess Who’s Back?

A brief history on me, Toni Hammer.

Five years ago or so, when my kids were 1 and 2, I started blogging. Then I decided I wanted to write a book. So I got a literary agent, wrote a book proposal, and was advised to start building my platform. That’s fancy talk for get followers that would theoretically buy my book.

While building my platform I fell in love with social media and freelance writing. I wrote for big sites like Scary Mommy, HuffPo, Babble, etc. I created memes that got hundreds of thousands of shares.

Oh, and I did write and ended up self-publishing my book.

Then, two years ago or so, I stepped back from writing.

Since then I’ve done a whole lot of other things. I created coffee mugs, I was a content coach, and I started a YouTube channel.

But my first love has, and always will be, writing.

So now I’m here. I’m back. I’m going to tell the hilarious and heartbreaking side of motherhood and maybe some stuff on marriage and life in general as well.

I’ll share my favorite books and household stuff.

I’ll review products that I think you, a mom, will like.

And, more than anything, I’ll let you know you’re not alone.

Thanks for being here!