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Are you so tired of sitting down to write an amazing post or email… but you just stare at the screen with paralyzing writer’s block?

Do you KNOW you have a product or service that will change someone’s life but no one seems to care?

Are you so DONE writing content that you poured you heart and soul into only to get a handful of likes or, worse, zero engagement?

Do you stay up late wondering why growing your audience is so dang hard?

Are you looking at that super successful woman in your niche and trying to figure out what she has that you don’t?

I’ve so been there.

I’m Toni Hammer and I want to help YOU stand out on social media.

I’ve been in the online space for over five years. I’ve had social media posts and memes get hundreds of thousands of shares and even famous peeps like George Lopez and George Takei have shared my work…

…but it wasn’t always that way.

Just like you, I’ve wasted SO MUCH TIME writing posts that I thought were going to get a whole lotta love only to have them tank.

I know how it feels to pour your heart and soul into a message just to have it go into the dark, social media abyss where no one cares or comments.

It’s such a blow to the ego, and what’s worse is that I didn’t know what I was doing “wrong.”

I was sharing my message.

I was being authentic and transparent and honest.  

I was leaving calls to action.

I was doing all the “right things” but so often it was like hurling spaghetti at the wall and hoping it would stick.

Sound familiar?

Finally, though, I cracked the code!

Likes and hearts started coming in.

Comments and shares were happening.

People were sending me messages saying, “OMG it’s like you’re reading my mind!”

I had done it!

I had figured out how to write scroll-stopping content that grew my audience and my business.

And now I want to share all my secrets with you so you can finally show up on social media as the super amazing girl boss you are!

This 6 week 1:1 coaching program is for you if:

You’re ready for your message to be super clear and concise so you can write content in minutes — not hours.

You’re exhausted and burned out from writing new content every single day

You’re desperate to STAND OUT in your niche but don’t know how to be heard over all the noise

You’re super confident in what you offer but explaining to people what you do and why they need it is so hard

You want to build an audience of super loyal followers who know you, like you, watch your lives, buy all your programs, and always wanna know what you’re doing next

✨  You’ve download all the freebies and bought a few courses but you know it’s time to get some personal coaching from someone who’s been there so you can get to that next level

Over the next 6 weeks, you’ll learn:

What your unique story is so you can ALWAYS write posts that catch the attention of your soulmate clients

How to structure your posts in a way that draws in your audience’s attention and keeps them reading all the way to the end (and then liking and commenting)

The number one trick to get people to visit your profile on Instagram on almost every post so you can grow your audience with ease

How to write content in just a few minutes (instead of hours) so you can spend more time nurturing and selling to your audience

What you’re REALLY selling (hint: you’re not actually selling your product or service)

How to be brave and bold with your content so your audience really gets to know you as a person and fall in love with you and buys from you!

What the best content schedule is for you so you can run YOUR business YOUR way

Here’s what you get:

One 45-minute call each week

A personalized plan for your specific niche, audience, and personality

Voxer support (text and voice) between calls so you always have someone at your fingertips to bounce ideas off of and get encouragement from

Social media audit of your Facebook and Instagram accounts and suggestions on how to make them audience magnets

Copy review of any social media posts or emails to ensure you’re message is clear, you’re attracting your people, and you’re setting yourself apart from the masses

Weekly homework to help you both grow as a person and an entrepreneur

Unwavering confidence in yourself, your business, and your content for the rest of your entrepreneurial life

I want you to ask yourself…

How would it feel to grow your audience every single day with every post?

How would your business change if those followers fell in love with you and knew they needed your product or services?

How would your life change if you woke up every morning knowing EXACTLY what to say in order to attract your ideal clients?

Are you ready to learn how to write content that conveys your message, grows your audience, and converts to sales? Let’s do this!