Social Media Audits

Sometimes all you need is a fresh set of eyes, actionable feedback from someone who’s grown their audience, and a pep talk to get your social media on the right track. That’s why I offer these social media audits to help you:

* Get insight about what you’re doing right
* Get feedback about what you could improve
* Learn how to get in front of YOUR people
* Discover how to grow your audience
* Brainstorm ideas as to how to write content that doesn’t sound like anyone else

I’ve been there.

Posting every day because I felt like I had to.
Not knowing what on Earth to say.
Obsessively checking my stats only to see I wasn’t growing.
Wanting to stand out but having zero idea how to do it.
Knowing I had a message that was uniquely mine but could never get it out.

It was frustrating and exhausting and I wanted to throw in the towel so many times.

The good news?

I learned how to sound like me, how to be confident, how to have the right mindset, how to finally say what I wanted to say AND what my people needed to hear and then…

I grew my audience to over 45,000 followers in my first business.

Now I help other women in the online space do the exact same thing.

It’s ALL possible for you.

The audience.
The big numbers.
The likes and comments and messages.
The people begging to work with you.
The confidence in yourself.

It’s all yours.

My audits are conducted live over Zoom. I’ll pull up your social media accounts and together we’ll go through your posts. I’ll give you reassurance about what you’re doing right, feedback on how to improve, and ideas on what to say and how to say it so you can grow your audience,

The session will be recorded so you can watch it anytime you’re like, “well now what?!”

These audits take about 30-minutes and are $50 USD.

If you’re ready to have someone who’s been where you are and succeeded, fill out the application below. I’ll read it over and take a quick glance over your social media to ensure that I can help you. Once I’m confident we’ll be a good fit, I’ll send you both the scheduling link and payment link so we can get started! I’m so excited to help you stand out on social media!